GREAT STUFF™ Window & Door

If you're installing windows, doors or skylights and you're not using GREAT STUFF™ Window & Door foam sealant, you're probably unaware of a faster, cheaper air-sealing solution. In fact, there are some window and door manufacturers that have tested and endorsed GREAT STUFF™ Window & Door. It is a minimal-expanding foam with a low pressure build that forms a durable, airtight and water-resistant seal between a window or door frame and its rough opening without bowing or bending the window frames. It's the original window and door draft stopper.

  • Proprietary low-pressure formula designed not to bow bend window and door frames
  • Ideal for filling sealing other areas where low-pressure flexible foam is desirable
  • Provides real insulation value which complements energy efficiency of the window or door. Greater insulating value than chinked fiberglass or caulk
  • Soft, pliable foam is forgiving, easier to remove if gap is overfilled. Cured foam can be stuffed back into the gap without trimming
  • One 12 oz. can foams up to six average sized residential windows (36' x 60", 3/8" wide gap, and 1" deep)
  • Repels/deflects water
  • Tack free in 10-15 minutes*
  • Trims within 60 minutes
  • Flexible foam permits expansion and contraction
  • Paintable, sandable and stainable
  • Yellow colored foam
  • Cures flexible
  • Conforms to ASTM & AAMA standards

70 ± 5°F and 50 ± 5 % RH, 1 inch bead diameter, 6 inch length. Cure rate is dependent on temperature, humidity, and size of foam bead.

GREAT STUFF™ Window & Door  
Why Use GREAT STUFF™ Window & Door ?
  • To seal window and door frames
  • To conserve energy
  • To save money
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Product Specs:
  • GREAT STUFF™ Window & Door 12oz
  • GREAT STUFF™ Window & Door 16oz
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Safety & Handling
  • Remember to read these carefully before getting started.
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GREAT STUFF™ Window & Door Sales Sheet (English) (595 KB)

GREAT STUFF™ Window & Door Sales Sheet (French) (490 KB)

Sealing Drafts