Air Sealing Projects

Are you ready to start your air sealing project with GREAT STUFF™ products?

Do you like to start from the attic and move down? Or do you prefer moving from the basement up? Either way, we can help you plan out the areas you want to fill and which GREAT STUFF™ solution is best suited.

The minute you start foaming with a can of GREAT STUFF™ or GREAT STUFF PRO™ Insulating Foam Sealant, things will start changing. Cold air will have fewer places to enter, and warm air will have fewer openings to sneak out through. No matter where you begin or how much you take on, every project is a step toward greater comfort. Where would you like to start?

Click on a project, and we’ll walk you through it and help you select the right product. You can also watch how-to videos. All of the videos are short because once you’re prepped; each project only has a few steps. Yes, we’re talking easy.

Sealing rim joists

A recent study revealed that you can save an average of $44 a year just by sealing sill plate and rim joist penetrations with an average payback time of 9.4 months.*

Sealing pipe penetrations

Every home is a sprawling network of pipes. That means unwanted air (and pests) can run from the basement, through living spaces and up into the attic.

Air sealing attic

Attics are like a superhighway for unwanted air to enter and wander freely. (Pests, critters and bats travel these roads too.)

Sealing around electrical and cable lines

Holes made for threading wires through walls and studs leave lots of room for air to travel. If there’s ever a fire, these holes can enable flow of air helping to accelerate the spread of flames and smoke.

Air sealing around electrical boxes and outlets

Electrical outlet covers look innocent enough. But the boxes behind them create a heyday for airflow.

Sealing HVAC ducts and pipe penetrations

The same heating, vacuum and air conditioning systems that make a home comfortable create penetrations that can rob living spaces of comfort if they aren’t properly air sealed.

Sealing windows and doors

Windows and doors can give unwanted air an open invitation into a home. But you can quickly air seal the gaps around the frames.


From roof and wall junctions to mechanical and plumbing penetrations, Froth-Pak™ Foam sealant helps reduce energy consumption within the building envelope.


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* In this study conducted by Dow and D.R. Nelson & Associates, air loss was measured using blower door tests. Potential energy savings were estimated using REM Home Energy Analysis Software. Results vary based on construction, style, year built and other unique home characteristics. Participating homeowners were current employees of Dow.