While plumbing pipes may be hidden behind or under the sink, it doesn't mean that the pipe penetrations aren't allowing bugs and unwanted air into your house.

Check for holes under sinks where the pipes enter from the floor or wall in all rooms that have running water (kitchen, bathroom, utility room and laundry room).

Use GREAT STUFF™ Insulating Foam Sealant around the pipes at the wall or floor entrance. A recent study conducted by Dow revealed that, by sealing plumbing penetrations, homeowners can begin to see payback after two weeks, and enjoy approximately $45 in annual savings.**

Use GREAT STUFF™ Insulating Foam Sealant around the pipes.

** In this study, air loss was measured using blower door tests. Potential energy savings were estimated using REM Home Energy Analysis Software. Results vary based on construction, style, year built and other unique home characteristics. Participating homeowners were current employees of Dow.


GREAT STUFF™ Gaps & Cracks and GREAT STUFF™ Big Gap Filler

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